My Leadership 

Have the big picture in mind but focus on the next step

Similar to when I hiked Machu Picchu you have to focus on the big picture, your resources, and most important the next step to achieve your goals. 

Leadership Style:

My leadership style is a unique blend of coaching, pacesetting, and visionary approaches. As a coach, I offer support and guidance, foster a learning environment, and ask thought-provoking questions. As a pacesetter, I set high standards, focus on goals, and actively contribute to the team's success. As a visionary, I emphasize the future, take strategic risks, and boldly adapt to change, driving growth for both the team and the organization.

I strive to be known as an authentic, innovative, and results-driven leader who empowers teams to reach their full potential. By combining integrity, passion, and a focus on well-being, I aim to create an environment where individuals thrive and contribute to the collective success of our organization.

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